The Early Childhood Years Matter

Cognoa is a pediatric behavioral health company. Cognoa empowers parents and clinicians with timely answers when there is the greatest opportunity to impact a child’s life.

Gaps in healthcare disproportionately impact young children and their families.

While the prevalence of developmental delays and behavioral health conditions is growing, the average age of diagnosis still occurs after the critical window when interventions can be the most impactful. Cognoa enables employers and clinicians to fill these gaps to better support all children and their families.

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Cognoa empowers clinicians with a digital precision medicine platform to support earlier diagnosis and more effective treatments.


Cognoa empowers employees with personalized resources to support their child’s unique development – improving their overall well-being at home and at work.


Cognoa has partnered with select clinicians, employers and ABA therapy centers to provide parents of young children with evidence-based tools to support their child’s development and identify issues and delays early.

Expedited care when it matters most

For families that need it, we provide care guidance to help them access life-changing early interventions.

Combining cutting-edge technology with clinical expertise so that parents can assess, track and support their children’s developmental health and growth. Developed through five years of clinical research at: