Cognoa is a leading pediatric behavioral health company

We are working to change the standard of care for behavioral health and improve lifelong outcomes for children.

Breakthrough Products that Empower Clinicians and Parents


Cognoa is developing clinically validated, evidence-based solutions for earlier detection, diagnosis and care. Our first prescription digital medicines, focused on autism, have received Breakthrough Device designation from the FDA. Our product pipeline addresses other significant unmet needs in pediatric behavioral health including ADHD and anxiety.

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Take action on concerns and identify behavioral conditions earlier to expedite access to treatments.


Empower employees with personalized resources to support their child’s unique development – improving their overall well-being at home and at work.


Treatment providers and employers partner with Cognoa to provide parents with evidence-based tools to support their child’s development and identify delays early.

Early Intervention Lasts A Lifetime

Access to treatments during early childhood gives children the best opportunity to reach their full potential.

Continuously advancing the standard of care

Cognoa is committed to conducting robust clinical trials, publishing results in peer reviewed journals, and obtaining regulatory approvals so that emerging solutions can be confidently adopted by providers and patients. Developed through five years of clinical research at: